PostableCommand Enumeration

Enumerates all of the built-in commands which can be posted by an API application.

Namespace: Autodesk.Revit.UI
Assembly: RevitAPIUI (in RevitAPIUI.dll) Version: 2015.0.0.0 (2015.0.0.0)
Since: 2014


public enum PostableCommand
Visual Basic
Public Enumeration PostableCommand
Visual C++
public enum class PostableCommand


Member name Description
RoofByFace Creates a roof using a non-vertical face of a mass.
Soffit Creates a roof soffit in the building model.
RepeatComponent Repeats the selected applied component along a divide path or surface.
ViewList Creates a schedule of the views in the project.
LinearDimensionTypes Defines attributes for linear (horizontal and vertical) dimensions.
AngularDimensionTypes Defines attributes for angular dimensions.
SplitElement Cuts an element (such as a wall or line) at a selected point, or removes a segment between 2 points.
SpotElevation Displays the elevation of a selected point.
SpotCoordinate Displays the North/South and East/West coordinates of points in a project.
RoofByFootprint Creates a roof using the building footprint to define its boundaries.
RoofByExtrusion Creates a roof by extruding a profile that you sketch.
RadialDimensionTypes Defines attributes for radial dimensions.
ReloadLatest Loads updates from the central model to your local copy of the project.
Render Creates a photorealistic image of a building model.
ShowHistory Displays a list of all the times a workshared file (the central model or a local copy of the central model) was saved and who saved it.
SplitSurface Splits a toposurface into 2 distinct surfaces, so that each can be edited independently.
DrawOnFace Draws lines on existing surfaces.
DrawOnWorkPlane Draws lines on the active work plane.
GrayInactiveWorksets Displays elements in inactive worksets as gray to visually distinguish them from elements in active worksets.
ImportGBXML Imports analysis data from a gbXML file.
ExportReportsRoomOrAreaReport Saves a schedule or Room/Area report.
SheetIssuesOrRevisions Specifies revision information for the project.
RevisionSchedule Adds a revision schedule to a custom title block.
CalloutTags Specifies the callout head for callout tags, and the radius of the callout bubble.
ElevationTags Defines properties for elevation tags.
SectionTags Specifies the shape of heads and tails for section tags.
FloorByFaceFloor Converts a mass floor into a floor of the building model.
HideCategory Hides all elements that belong to a selected category in the current view.
RunInterferenceCheck Locates invalid intersections between elements in a project.
SpecifyCoordinatesAtPoint Relocates a project and rotates the project to True North by specifying coordinates for North/South, East/West, and Elevation.
ExportIFC Saves an IFC file.
SystemBrowser System.Windows.Controls.StackPanel
PublishDWGToAutodeskBuzzsaw Saves selected views and sheets as DWG files and posts them to a Autodesk Buzzsaw site.
PublishDWFToAutodeskBuzzsaw Saves selected views and sheets as DWF files and posts them to a Autodesk Buzzsaw site.
PublishDXFToAutodeskBuzzsaw Saves selected views and sheets as DXF files and posts them to a Autodesk Buzzsaw site.
PublishDGNToAutodeskBuzzsaw Saves selected views and sheets as DGN files and posts them to a Autodesk Buzzsaw site.
ResetAnalyticalModel Resets the analytical model alignment methods to Auto-detect.
PublishSATToAutodeskBuzzsaw Saves selected views and sheets as SAT files and posts them to a Autodesk Buzzsaw site.
ExportOptionsIFCOptions Sets export options for CAD and IFC.
TypeProperties Displays properties for the family type to which the selected element belongs.
ExportDWFOrDWFx Creates DWF or DWFx files.
ExportCADFormatsDWG Creates DWG, DXF, DGN, or SAT files.
ExportCADFormatsDXF Creates DWG, DXF, DGN, or SAT files.
ExportCADFormatsDGN Creates DWG, DXF, DGN, or SAT files.
ExportCADFormatsACIS_SAT Creates DWG, DXF, DGN, or SAT files.
RelinquishAllMine Releases ownership of worksets and borrowed elements that have not been changed.
MaterialTakeoff Creates a list of the sub-components or materials of any Revit family category.
DWFMarkup Links marked-up DWF files into a Revit project so you can see the markups on corresponding sheets.
ImportTypes Imports family types from a text (.txt) file into the current family.
ExportExportTypes Exports family types from the current family to a text (.txt) file.
CheckMemberSupports Verifies that structural elements such as beams, columns, walls, and slabs, are joined to supporting elements.
AnalyticalConsistencyChecks Verifies the analytical and physical model for consistency.
KeynoteLegend Creates a list of the keynotes used in a project, and their definitions.
KeynotingSettings Specifies the location of the keynote table and the numbering method for keynotes.
OpenBuildingComponent Opens a building component Autodesk Exchange (ADSK) file.
Web Draws the web elements between the chords.
TopChord Draws the top chord of the truss family.
BottomChord Draws the bottom chord of the truss family.
TogglePropertiesPalette Displays or hides a palette where you can view and edit instance properties.
StatusBarWorksets For a workshared project, displays the active workset and the number of Others' pending Editing Requests in the status bar.
StatusBarDesignOptions Displays the active design option in the status bar.
FamilyCategoryAndParameters Assigns the properties of a predefined family category to the component you are creating.
ExportImagesandAnimationsWalkthrough Saves animations or image files.
ExportImagesandAnimationsSolarStudy Saves animations or image files.
SunSettings Specifies the location of the sun in the sun path, solar studies, walkthroughs, and rendered images.
Grid Places column grid lines in the building design.
ArchitecturalWall Creates a non-structural wall in the building model.
Door Adds doors to the building model.
Window Adds windows to the building model.
Delete Removes selected elements from the building model.
Space Places analytical spaces to account for the entire volume within the model. This includes rooms, plenums and chases.
SpaceTag Labels spaces in a project.
SpaceSeparator Draws a space separation line to divide space.
Level Places a level in a view.
FramingElevation Creates a framing elevation to show vertical bracing.
ArchitecturalFloor Creates a floor for the current level of the building model.
Stair Adds a stair to the building model by creating common run, landing, and support components.
ArchitecturalColumn Adds architectural columns to the building model.
MirrorProject Flips the position of a project around a selected axis.
RotateProjectNorth Changes the angle for a project relative to Project North.
Rotate Rotates selected elements around an axis.
MirrorPickAxis Reverses the position of selected elements, using an existing line or edge as the mirror axis.
LineWeights Creates or modifies line weights.
ObjectStyles Specifies line weights, colors, and patterns, and materials for model objects, annotation objects, and imported objects.
AnalysisDisplayStyles Specifies a presentation format for visualizing analysis results.
Snaps Specifies snap increments, and enables or disables snap points.
ProjectUnits Specifies the display format for units of measure.
StructuralPlan Creates a floor plan view.
FloorPlan Creates a floor plan view.
Section Creates a section view.
Camera Creates a 3D view from the perspective of a camera placed in the view.
ProjectBrowser Displays the Project Browser.
NewSheet Creates a page for a document set.
ImportCAD Imports vector data from other CAD programs to the Revit project.
LinkCAD Links a CAD file to the current Revit project.
PointCloud Links a Point Cloud file (*.rcp or *.rcs) into the current project.
LoadShapes Loads a Revit family into the current file.
NewConceptualMass Opens a template for creating a conceptual massing model.
DrawLines Create a straight line or an arc.
Pin Locks a model element in place.
Unpin Unlocks a model element so it can move.
SolidExtrusion Creates a 3D solid by extruding a 2D shape (profile).
PlaceAComponent Places an element in the building model, based on a selected element type.
ModelLine Creates a line that exists in 3D space and is visible in all views of a project.
StairPath Annotates the slope direction and walk line of a stair.
ReferencePlane Creates a reference plane using drawing tools.
Control Adds a flip arrow to the view.
Filters Creates a filter to modify the visibility and graphics of elements in views based on element parameters.
TemporaryDimensions Specifies the placement and component references for temporary dimensions.
LinePatterns Creates or modifies line patterns.
Array Creates a linear or radial array of selected elements.
Move Moves selected elements to the specified location in the current view.
Copy Copies selected elements and places them in the specified location in the current view.
PlaceView Adds a view to a sheet.
Text Adds text annotations (notes) to the current view.
NewTitleBlock Opens a template for creating a Title Block family.
AutomaticCeiling Creates a ceiling at a specified distance above the level in which it resides.
FillPatterns Creates or modifies drafting patterns and model patterns.
Default3DView Opens the default orthographic 3D view.
Label Creates a label for the annotation symbol.
VisibilityOrGraphics Controls the visibility and graphic display of model elements, annotations, imported and linked elements, and workset elements in a view.
Opening Creates an opening in a host, such as a wall or ceiling.
ActivateView Enables you to modify the selected view without leaving the sheet.
Materials Specifies the materials and associated properties to apply to elements in the building model.
DeactivateView Deactivates the view, so you can no longer change the view from the sheet.
MaterialAssets Modifies the assets that define a material.
DecalTypes Creates a decal that you can use to place images on surfaces of a building model for rendering.
Options Options.
Room Creates a room bounded by model elements (such as walls, floors, and ceilings) and separation lines.
CurtainGrid Creates a grid line in a curtain wall or curtain system.
CurtainWallMullion Creates a horizontal or vertical mullion on a curtain grid.
FamilyTypes Allows you to enter parameter values for existing family types, add parameters to the family, or create new types within the family.
FilledRegion Creates a 2D, view-specific graphic with a fill pattern and a boundary line.
RoomTag Tags the selected room.
Align Aligns one or more elements with a selected element.
Symbol Places a 2D annotation drawing symbol in the current view.
DuplicateView Creates a view that contains only the model geometry from the current view.
ExportOptionsExportSetupsDGN Sets export options for CAD and IFC.
ExportOptionsExportSetupsDWGOrDXF Sets export options for CAD and IFC.
ColorFillLegend Places a legend in a view to indicate the meanings of color fills for rooms or areas.
BuildingElevation Creates an elevation view.
JoinOrUnjoinRoof Connects roofs to other roofs or walls, or reverses a previous join.
SolidBlend Creates a solid 3D shape that changes along its length, blending from a starting shape to an ending shape.
ManageLinks Provides options for managing links to CAD files, DWF markup files, and building models.
SolidRevolve Creates a 3D shape by sweeping a 2D shape (profile) around an axis.
ScheduleOrQuantities Creates a key schedule or a schedule of building components.
Callout Creates a rectangular callout in the view.
SolidSweep Creates a 3D shape by sweeping a 2D shape (profile) along a path.
CreateGroup Creates a group of elements for easy reuse.
Ramp Adds a ramp to the building model.
RoomSeparator Creates a separation line to bound rooms where no walls or other room-bounding elements exist.
AlignedToCurrentView Pastes elements that were cut or copied from another view into the current view.
AlignedToPickedLevel Pastes the selected elements into a elevation view or a section view.
WallJoins Changes how walls join together (butt, miter, square off).
StartingView Specifies the view that first displays when you open the model.
AlignedToSelectedLevels Pastes multiple elements from one level to specified levels.
TagByCategory Attaches a tag to an element based on the element category.
AlignedToSelectedViews Pastes selected elements, including view-specific elements such as dimensions, into specified views.
LoadedTags Lists tags that will be used for each element category.
NewAnnotationSymbol Creates a tag or symbol to identify elements in the project.
AlignedToSamePlace Pastes the elements to the same place from which they were cut or copied.
SpotSlopeTypes Defines attributes for spot slopes.
Arrowheads Specifies line weights, fills, and styles for annotation arrowheads.
SpotElevationTypes Defines attributes for spot elevations.
SpotCoordinateTypes Defines attributes for spot coordinates.
ReviewWarnings Displays a list of messages that you can ignore or resolve.
LineStyles Creates or modifies line styles.
ReflectedCeilingPlan Creates a reflected ceiling plan view.
DetailLevel Specifies the detail level (coarse, medium, or fine) that applies to each view scale by default.
VoidExtrusion Creates a 3D shape that is then used to remove part of a solid 3D shape.
VoidBlend Creates a 3D blend, which is then used to remove part of a solid 3D shape.
VoidRevolve Creates a 3D shape by sweeping a 2D profile around an axis, and uses the 3D shape to remove part of a solid 3D shape.
VoidSweep Creates a 3D shape by sweeping a 2D profile along a path, and uses the resulting 3D shape to remove part of a solid 3D shape.
CutGeometry Selects the geometry to cut.
UncutGeometry Selects which geometry does not get cut when you join geometry.
PlaceDetailGroup Places an instance of a detail group in the view.
OverrideByCategory Changes the graphic display settings for all elements that belong to the same category as the selected element in the current view.
DetailComponent Adds a view-specific detail component to a view.
DetailLine Creates view-specific lines.
Insulation Places a batt insulation graphic in a detail view.
CreateSimilar Places an element of the same type as the selected element
Worksets Enables worksharing, which allows team members to work on different parts of a project simultaneously.
Phases Specifies project phases, phase filters, and graphic overrides for phases.
PropertyLine Creates a property line in a plan view.
BuildingPad Adds a building pad from a closed loop that you sketch on a toposurface.
MatchTypeProperties Converts one or more elements to match the type of another element in the same view.
ScopeBox Controls the visibility of datum elements (grids, levels, and reference lines) in specific views.
Linework Overrides the line style for a selected line in the active view only.
SetWorkPlane Specifies the work plane for the current view or for a selected work-plane–based element.
DraftingView Creates a view showing details that are not directly associated with the building model.
Legend Creates a list of building components and annotations used in a project.
Demolish Marks elements as demolished in the current phase.
RevisionCloud Adds a revision cloud to the current view or sheet to indicate design areas that have changed.
SynchronizeAndModifySettings Allows you to specify options for the synchronization operation.
ProjectInformation Specifies energy data, project status, and client information.
ModelInPlace Creates a component that is unique to the project.
SheetList Creates a schedule that lists the drawings in the project.
AreaPlan Creates an area plan view.
GradedRegion Modifies a toposurface to indicate changes during the construction process.
Toposurface Defines a topographical surface in a site plan or a 3D view.
ManageImages Lists all raster images used in the project.
ApplyTemplatePropertiesToCurrentView Applies properties stored in a view template to the current view.
RevealWall Extrudes a profile along a path to create a cutout in a wall.
SweepWall Creates a wall sweep by extruding a profile along a path.
Paint Applies a material to the face of an element.
RemovePaint Removes paint from selected faces.
NoteBlock Creates a schedule of annotations added using the Symbol tool.
ModelText Adds 3D text to the building model.
ShowHiddenLines Displays model elements and detail elements that are obscured by other elements in the active view only.
RemoveHiddenLines Removes hidden lines for model elements and detail elements that are obscured by other elements in the active view only.
ManageViewTemplates Displays parameters for view templates in the project.
CreateTemplateFromCurrentView Creates a view template using the properties of the current view as the basis for the new template.
RestoreBackup Rolls back changes made to a workshared project, or saves a specific backup version as a new file.
ExportODBCDatabase Saves model data to an ODBC database.
LoadAsGroup Loads a Revit file as a group.
SaveAsLibraryGroup Saves a copy of all loaded families, the selected family, group, or view to your library.
ParkingComponent Adds parking spaces to a toposurface.
TransferProjectStandards Copies selected project settings from another open project to the current project.
SymbolicLine Creates lines that are meant for symbolic purposes only, and are not part of the actual geometry of the component or building model.
CutProfile Changes the shape of elements that are cut in a view, such as roofs, walls, floors, and the layers of compound structures.
ExportReportsSchedule Saves a schedule or Room/Area report.
CloseHiddenWindows Closes windows that are hidden by the current window.
AreaTag Tags the selected area.
AreaBoundary Defines boundaries for areas.
Area Creates an area defined by walls and boundary lines.
JoinGeometry Creates clean joins between 2 or more host elements that share a common face, such as walls and floors.
UnjoinGeometry Removes a join between 2 or more elements.
SwitchJoinOrder Changes the order in which elements join with one another.
TagAllNotTagged Adds tags to multiple elements in one step.
MergeSurfaces Combines 2 toposurfaces to create one toposurface.
SharedParameters Specifies parameters that can be used in multiple families and projects.
LegendComponent Adds a graphic representation of a selected model element to a legend view.
Offset Copies or moves a selected element (such as a line, wall, or beam) a specified distance perpendicular to its length.
PurgeUnused Removes unused families and types from a project.
PlaceDecal Places an image on surfaces of a building model for rendering.
RebarLine Defines lines and geometry of the rebar shape.
LabelContours Displays the elevations of contour lines.
SplitWithGap Splits a wall into 2 separate walls with a defined gap between them.
ThinLines Displays all lines on screen as a single width, regardless of zoom level.
LinkRevit Links another model to the current model.
ExportImagesandAnimationsImage Saves animations or image files.
ProjectParameters Specifies parameters that can be added to categories of elements in a project, and used in schedules.
RelocateProject Moves the model relative to the shared coordinate system.
RotateTrueNorth Changes the angle for a project relative to True North.
DuplicateWithDetailing Creates a view that includes model geometry and view-specific elements from the current view.
Location Specifies the geographic location for the project.
AcquireCoordinates Determines the coordinates used in a linked project, and uses them for the current project.
ReportSharedCoordinates Displays shared coordinates of a linked model within a host model.
IdsOfSelection Displays unique identifiers for the selected elements.
SelectById Uses an element’s unique identifier to locate and select the element in the current view.
PublishCoordinates Determines the coordinates used in the current project, and uses them for a linked project.
PlanRegion Creates a plan region within a view.
BrowserOrganization Changes the way that views are listed in the Project Browser.
Matchline Adds matchlines to indicate where a view is split.
ViewReference Adds an annotation indicating the sheet number and detail number for a selected view.
DesignOptions Creates and manages design option sets and individual design options for the project.
AddToSet Moves selected elements from the main model to one or more design options in a set.
PickToEdit Opens a design option for editing by selecting an element contained in the option.
EditingRequests Displays a list of other users’ requests to borrow elements in your worksets, and your pending requests.
SaveAsLibraryFamily Saves a copy of all loaded families, the selected family, group, or view to your library.
Subregion Defines an area within a toposurface.
Railing Creates a railing by sketching the railing path.
LicenseInformation Reviews current license status.
Beam Adds individual beams, a chain of beams, or beams along grid lines.
Brace Adds diagonal structural members connected to beams and columns.
StructuralColumn Adds a vertical load-bearing element to the building model.
StructuralWall Creates a load-bearing or shear wall in the building model.
SpanDirectionSymbol Places a span direction symbol on a structural floor.
StructuralFloor Creates a structural floor (slab) for the current level of the building model.
Scale Resizes the selected item.
Loads Applies point, line, and area loads to a model.
StructuralSettings Defines settings for analytical elements and the display of structural framing.
ReferenceLine Creates a reference line that you can use when creating a new mass, or to create constraints for the mass.
RebarCoverSettings Adds, removes, or modifies the default rebar cover settings.
ShowMassFormAndFloors Displays mass forms and any mass floors you have specified in all views.
CurtainSystemByFace Creates a curtain system on the face of a mass or generic model.
WallByFaceWall Creates walls using faces of a mass or generic model.
ShowMassByViewSettings Displays masses based on the settings for the current view. By default, masses are turned off.
ShowMassSurfaceTypes Displays mass faces, including any glazing and shades that have been specified.
ShowMassZonesAndShades Displays mass zones, glazing, and shades if they have been specified.
StructuralRebar Places planar or multi-planar rebar.
UseCurrentProject Displays warnings for monitored elements in the current project.
SelectLink Displays warnings for monitored elements between linked projects and the host project.
Wall Creates foundations hosted by walls.
Isolated Adds footings or pile caps to the building model.
MaterialTag Tags a selected element using the description specified for its material.
CoordinationSettings Specifies mapping behavior when copying MEP fixtures from a linked model into the current project.
Slab Adds a foundation slab to the building model.
ElementKeynote Tags a selected element using the keynote specified for the element type.
MaterialKeynote Tags a selected element using the keynote specified for its material.
UserKeynote Tags an element with a keynote that you select.
LoadSelection Loads a previously saved selection set.
SaveSelection Saves the currently selected elements as a set.
EditSelection Edits a previously saved selection set.
MultiCategoryTag Attaches tags to elements of multiple categories, based on a shared parameter.
BoundaryConditions Defines point, line, and area boundary conditions in an analytical model.
StructuralPathReinforcement Sketches the path of evenly placed reinforcing bars that are created perpendicular to the sketch.
PathReinforcementSymbol Places a symbol that shows extents and hook types for the selected path reinforcement.
OpeningByFace Creates an opening that is perpendicular to the selected face of a roof, floor, or ceiling.
VerticalOpening Cuts a vertical opening through a roof, floor, or ceiling.
DormerOpening Cuts a roof to create an opening for a dormer.
WallOpening Cuts a rectangular opening in a straight or curved wall.
ShaftOpening Creates a vertical opening that spans multiple levels, cutting through intervening roofs, floors, and ceilings.
SpotSlope Displays the slope at a specific point on a face or an edge of a model element.
HideElements Hides selected elements in the current view.
OverrideByElement Changes the graphic display settings for selected elements in the current view.
OverrideByFilter Changes the graphic display settings for all elements in the view that meet the criteria specified in a filter.
DuplicateAsDependent Creates a view that is dependent on the original view.
MaskingRegion Creates a graphic that obscures elements in a project or family.
MajorSegment Identifies one segment of the rebar shape that maintains its general position in rotation and auto-expansion behaviors.
ReinforcementSettings Customizes reinforcement settings such as rounding parameters, rebar hosting and abbreviations of area/path reinforcement tagging.
ExportFBX Saves a 3D view as an FBX file.
RecentFiles Displays a list of recently opened files, and provides access to important resources and links.
CreateParts Creates parts from the layers or subcomponents of a selected element.
ViewCube Shows or hides the ViewCube, which allows you to change the orientation of a 3D view.
BeamAnnotations Places multiple beam tags, annotations, and spot elevations.
AllowableBarTypes Defines the allowable rebar types (diameters) of the shape type.
MacroManager Opens the Macro Manager to run, create, or delete a macro.
MacroSecurity Specifies the default security settings for macros in the Revit application or a document.
NavigationBar Shows or hides the navigation bar, which provides access to the ViewCube, SteeringWheels, and zoom/pan functions.
ExportBuildingSite Exports an ADSK exchange file.
FormWorkPlaneView Enables the Workplane Viewer.
ReconcileHosting Lists tags and elements hosted by the linked model that require review, due to changes in the linked model.
SplitFace Divides the face of an element (such as a wall or column) into regions for the application of different materials.
AdjustAnalyticalModel Adjusts the analytical model of the structural member in relation to those of the elements to which it joins.
DiameterDimension Places a dimension that measures the diameter of an arc or circle.
DiameterDimensionTypes Defines attributes for diameter dimensions.
StructuralFabricArea Sketches the boundary of a fabric area to populate with fabric sheets.
FabricReinforcementSymbol Places a symbol that represents the fabric sheet.
PlaceOnHost Places a railing on a stair or ramp.
DuctPressureLossReport Generates a pressure loss report for one or more duct systems.
PipePressureLossReport Generates a pressure loss report for one or more pipe systems.
OpenSampleFiles Opens a Revit sample file.
AlignedMultiRebarAnnotation Tags multiple elements with a single annotation that displays aligned dimensions between references as well as parameters from the referenced elements. For example, all rebar in a rebar set can be referenced with a single tag.
LinearMultiRebarAnnotation Tags multiple elements with a single annotation that displays linear dimensions between references as well as parameters from the referenced elements. For example, all rebar in a rebar set can be referenced with a single tag.
DuctAccessory Places a duct accessory. These accessories include dampers, filters and smoke detectors.
AirTerminal Places a register, grille, or diffuser.
Duct Draws rigid round, rectangular, or oval ductwork.
MechanicalEquipment Places mechanical equipment such as boilers, furnaces, or fans.
DuctFitting Places a duct fitting. These fittings include elbows, tees, wyes, crosses, and other types of fittings.
FlexDuct Draws round and rectangular flexible ductwork.
ConvertToFlexDuct Changes a length of ductwork connected to an air terminal from rigid duct to flexible duct.
DuctLegend Places a legend to indicate the color fills associated with ductwork in duct systems.
PanelSchedules Generates a panel schedule for a specified panel.
ElectricalSettings Opens the Electrical Settings dialog to define distribution systems, wire types, cable tray and conduit sizes, and demand factors.
LoadClassifications Assigns and specifies demand factors to a load classification.
LightingFixture Places lighting fixtures such as ceiling, wall, and recessed lights.
ElectricalEquipment Places electrical equipment such as panels and switch gear.
ElectricalFixture Places electrical devices such as receptacles, junction boxes, and other power devices.
CheckCircuits Verifies all circuits for proper connections to panels and valid system assignments. Errors are reported in a warning dialog.
DemandFactors Applies demand factors to a panel.
Pipe Draws rigid piping.
FlexPipe Draws flexible piping.
PipeFitting Places a pipe fitting. These fittings include elbows, tees, wyes, crosses, unions, and other types of fittings.
PipeAccessory Places a pipe accessory. These accessories include connectors, valves, and inline water heaters.
ArcWire Draws arced wire runs.
PipeLegend Places a legend to indicate the color fills associated with piping systems.
CheckPipeSystems Verifies all pipe systems for properly connected pipes and valid system assignments.
CheckDuctSystems Verifies all duct systems for properly connected ductwork and valid system assignments.
MechanicalSettings Opens the Mechanical Settings dialog.
PlumbingFixture Places plumbing fixtures. These fixtures include sinks, water closets, tubs, drains, and various appliances.
HeatingAndCoolingLoads Prepares a heating and cooling loads analysis report based on the existing building model.
Sprinkler Places a sprinkler.
ElectricalConnector Adds an electrical connector to a component.
DuctConnector Adds a duct connector to a component.
PipeConnector Adds a pipe connector to a component.
Zone Defines HVAC zones within a project.
BuildingOrSpaceTypeSettings Opens the Building and Space Type Settings dialog to manage building and space parameters and schedules.
ChamferedWire Draws chamfered wire runs.
SplineWire Draws splined wire runs.
Communication Places communication devices such as intercom system components.
Data Places data devices such as ethernet and other network connections.
FireAlarm Places fire alarm devices such as smoke detectors, manual pull stations, and annunciators.
Lighting Places lighting switches such as daylight sensors, occupancy sensors, and manual switches.
NurseCall Places nurse call devices such as call stations, code blue stations, and door lights.
Security Places security devices such as door locks, motion sensors, and surveillance cameras.
Telephone Places a telephone jack.
CableTrayConnector Adds a cable tray connector to a component.
ConduitConnector Adds a conduit connector to a component.
CableTrayFitting Places a cable tray fitting. These fittings include elbows, tees, wyes, crosses, and other unions.
ConduitFitting Places a conduit fitting. These fittings include elbows, tees, wyes, crosses, and other unions.
CableTray Draws cable tray runs such as rigid ladder or channel cable tray.
Conduit Draws rigid conduit runs.
ManageTemplates Manages and applies panel schedule templates to existing schedules in the project.
EditATemplate Modifies a specific panel schedule template.
ParallelConduits Creates parallel runs of conduit based on an initial conduit run.
DuctPlaceholder Draws placeholder duct without elbow or tee fittings.
PipePlaceholder Draws placeholder pipe without elbow or tee fittings.
ParallelPipes Creates parallel runs of pipe based on an initial pipe run.
ShowDisconnects Controls the display of graphical disconnect warnings for duct, pipe, conduit, cable tray, and electrical circuits.
SiteComponent Adds site-specific elements, such as trees, parking islands, and fire hydrants.
AreaAndVolumeComputations Specifies how areas and volumes are calculated, and creates area schemes.
ShowWorkPlane Displays or hides the active work plane in the view.
Fascia Adds fascia to the edge of a roof, soffit, or other fascia, or to model lines.
Gutter Adds a gutter to the edge of a roof, soffit, or fascia, or to model lines.
SlabEdgeFloor Shapes the horizontal edge of a floor slab.
CheckSpelling Checks the spelling of text notes in a selection or in the current view or sheet.
RepeatingDetailComponent Repeats a detail component along a path.
InsertViewsFromFile Copies specified views (sheets, schedules, or drafting views) from a project file and saves them in the current project.
Insert2DElementsFromFile Copies 2D elements from a detail view (saved in another project) into a detail view in the current project.
SaveAsLibraryView Saves a copy of all loaded families, the selected family, group, or view to your library.
AutomaticBeamSystem Creates a layout that is used to control the number and spacing of a series of parallel beams.
PlaceMass Places an instance of a mass family in the project.
InPlaceMass Creates a mass that is unique to the project.
SynchronizeNow Updates a local copy of a workshared project using default settings.
ExportGBXML Saves the project as a gbXML file.
StructuralTrusses Adds a truss to the structure model.
ShowLastReport Displays the most recent interference check report.
GraphicalColumnSchedule Creates a graphical column schedule for the project.
ApplyCoping Adds coping to steel beams and columns.
RemoveCoping Removes coping from steel beams and columns.
BeamSystemSymbol Places a beam system span tag.
StructuralAreaReinforcement Sketches the boundary of an area to populate with rebar.
AreaReinforcementSymbol Places a symbol that shows extents and hook types for the selected area reinforcement.
SolidSweptBlend Creates a blend that sweeps along a defined path.
VoidSweptBlend Creates a blend that sweeps along a defined path, and uses the resulting 3D shape to remove part of a solid 3D shape.
EditRebarCover Edits the rebar cover references of an entire rebar host or an individual face.
ColorSchemes Creates or modifies a color fill scheme for rooms and areas.
TrimOrExtendToCorner Trims or extends elements (such as walls or beams) to form a corner.
TrimOrExtendSingleElement Trims or extends one element (such as a wall, line, or beam) to a boundary defined by another element.
TrimOrExtendMultipleElements Trims or extends multiple elements (such as walls, lines, and beams) to a boundary defined by another element.
AlignedDimension Places dimensions between parallel references, or between multiple points.
LinearDimension Places horizontal or vertical dimensions that measure the distance between reference points.
AngularDimension Places a dimension that measures the angle between reference points sharing a common intersection.
RadialDimension Places a dimension that measures the radius of an inner curve or fillet.
ArcLengthDimension Places a dimension that measures the length of a curved wall or other element.
MeasureBetweenTwoReferences Measures the distance between 2 elements or other references.
MeasureAlongAnElement Measures the length of an element.
MirrorDrawAxis Draws a temporary line to use as an axis for mirroring.
KeyboardShortcuts Assigns key sequences to tools.
BeamOrColumnJoins Adjusts how beams and columns frame into one another.
SaveAsTemplate Saves the current Revit project file as a template.
HalftoneOrUnderlay Customizes halftone and underlay elements in view.
StairBySketch Adds a stair to the building model by sketching runs.
LoadCases Adds and edits load cases for the analytical model.
LoadCombinations Adds and edits load combinations for the analytical model.
FindOrReplace Finds and replaces text in an open project file.
EnergySettings Specifies energy-related data and parameters used to define the energy analytical model.
RunEnergySimulation Subscription-Only Feature. Sends energy model geometry and parameters to Autodesk Green Building Studio for simulation.
ResultsAndCompare Displays graphical results of energy simulation, and provides tools for comparing, emailing, and exporting analysis results.
ExportMassModelGBXML Saves the conceptual energy model as a gbXML file.
GuideGrid Creates a new guide element in the active sheet to help align elements within and between sheets.
CreateAssembly Creates an assembly from elements you select in the drawing area.
StairTreadOrRiserNumber Creates a sequence of tread or riser numbers for a run in plan, elevation, or section views.
RenderInCloud Renders 3D views online to create still images or interactive panoramas.
RenderGallery Opens your online gallery of completed and in-progress renderings in a web browser.
EnableEnergyModel Toggles the creation of energy analytical model geometry and parameters.
UseBuildingElementsForSimulation Sets building elements as the basis for generating the energy analytical model used for energy simulation.
UseConceptualMassesForSimulation Sets conceptual masses as the basis for generating the energy analytical model used for energy simulation.
DisplaceElements Creates a view-specific representation of model elements that can be displaced in the view.
OpenRevitFile Opens any Revit file type.
Close Close Revit.
Save Saves the currently open project file.
SaveAsProject Saves the current Revit project file.
PrintSetup Specifies print options.
Print Sends the current drawing area or selected views and sheets to a printer or a printable file.
PrintPreview Displays a preview version of the current view or sheet to print.
CopyToClipboard Copies selected elements to the clipboard.
CutToClipboard Removes selected elements, and places them on the clipboard.
PasteFromClipboard Pastes elements from the clipboard into the current view.
ReplicateWindow Opens another instance of the current view.
CascadeWindows Arranges all open windows in a series in the drawing area.
TileWindows Arranges all open views, tiled in the drawing area.
ExitRevit Exit Revit.
StatusBar Displays the status bar at the bottom of the Revit window.

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