PartType Enumeration

An enumerated type listing all MEP family part types. A part type typically provides one unique set of type parameters that defines this part.

Namespace: Autodesk.Revit.DB
Assembly: RevitAPI (in RevitAPI.dll) Version: (


public enum PartType
Visual Basic
Public Enumeration PartType
Visual C++
public enum class PartType


Member name Description
Undefined Undefined part type
Normal Normal part type
DuctMounted Duct mounted part type
JunctionBox JunctionBox part type
AttachesTo Attaches to part type
BreaksInto Breaks into part type
Elbow Elbow part type
Tee Tee part type
Transition Transition part type
Cross Cross part type
Cap Cap part type
TapPerpendicular Tap perpendicular part type
TapAdjustable Tap adjustable part type
Offset Offset part type
Union Union part type
PanelBoard Panel board part type
Transformer Transformer part type
SwitchBoard Switch board part type
OtherPanel Other panel part type
EquipmentSwitch Equipment switch part type
Switch Switch part type
ValveBreaksInto Valve breaks into part type
SpudPerpendicular Spud perpendicular part type
SpudAdjustable Spud adjustable part type
Damper Damper part type
Wye Wye part type
LateralTee Lateral tee part type
LateralCross Lateral cross part type
Pants Pants part type
MultiPort Multi port part type
ValveNormal Valve normal part type
JunctionBoxTee JunctionBox tee part type
JunctionBoxCross JunctionBox cross part type
PipeFlange Pipe flange part type
JunctionBoxElbow JunctionBox elbow part type
ChannelCableTrayElbow Channel CableTray Elbow part type
ChannelCableTrayVerticalElbow Channel CableTray Vertical Elbow part type
ChannelCableTrayCross Channel CableTray Cross part type
ChannelCableTrayTee Channel CableTray Tee part type
ChannelCableTrayTransition Channel CableTray Transition part type
ChannelCableTrayUnion Channel CableTray Union part type
ChannelCableTrayOffset Channel CableTray Offset part type
ChannelCableTrayMultiPort Channel CableTray MultiPort part type
LadderCableTrayElbow Ladder CableTray Elbow part type
LadderCableTrayVerticalElbow Ladder CableTray Vertical Elbow part type
LadderCableTrayCross Ladder CableTray Cross part type
LadderCableTrayTee Ladder CableTray Tee part type
LadderCableTrayTransition Ladder CableTray Transition part type
LadderCableTrayUnion Ladder CableTray Union part type
LadderCableTrayOffset Ladder CableTray Offset part type
LadderCableTrayMultiPort Ladder CableTray MultiPort part type
InlineSensor Inline Sensor part type
Sensor Sensor part type
EndCap EndCap part type
HandrailBracketHardware Handrail Bracket Hardware part type
PanelBracketHardware Panel Bracket Hardware part type
TerminationHardware Termination Hardware part type
Rails Rails part type
Handrails Handrails part type
TopRails Top Rails part type
PipeMechanicalCoupling Pipe Mechanical Coupling part type

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