ModelUpdatesStatus Enumeration

Indicates whether an element in the current model has additional user changes in the central model.

Namespace: Autodesk.Revit.DB
Assembly: RevitAPI (in RevitAPI.dll) Version: (
Since: 2012


public enum ModelUpdatesStatus
Visual Basic
Public Enumeration ModelUpdatesStatus
Visual C++
public enum class ModelUpdatesStatus


Member name Description
CurrentWithCentral The element has no additional changes in the central model.
NotYetInCentral The element is new in the current model and has not been saved to the central model. Note that this status will apply to newly created elements even if they are created in the central model.
DeletedInCentral The element has been deleted in the central model.
UpdatedInCentral The element has additional user changes in the central model. A reload latest will be required before it can be modified in the current model.


Note that this status only indicates that the element has user changes in the central model. A user change is typically an action specifically taken by a user. Making a user change to an element requires that the user making the change reload all other user changes made to the element in the central model. Making a user change also causes the element to be checked out to the current user so other users will not be able to make user changes to the same element.

Elements can also be modified by system changes. A system change is one which is done automatically by Revit to fully update the model after a user change occurs. Users may make changes to an element in their local model even if the element contains additional system changes in the central model.

Example: Suppose Alice and Bob are working on the same model. Alice moves a wall which contains windows. Then Alice synchronizes with the central file. The wall was explicitly changed by Alice and so it will report as "UpdatedInCentral" in Bob's model. Bob would have to reload latest before he could make user changes to that wall. In contrast, Revit automatically moved the windows with the wall, so the windows do not contain any user changes. The windows would therefore report "CurrentWithCentral" and Bob would be allowed to modify them in his local model without reloading latest.

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