LinkLoadResultType Enumeration

Enum listing the possible results after loading a linked model.

Namespace: Autodesk.Revit.DB
Assembly: RevitAPI (in RevitAPI.dll) Version: (
Since: 2013
Since: 2013


public enum LinkLoadResultType
Visual Basic
Public Enumeration LinkLoadResultType
Visual C++
public enum class LinkLoadResultType


Member name Description
Uninitialized Revit has not tried to load the link, possibly because it is a nested link and its parent failed to load.
LinkLoaded The linked model loaded correctly.
LinkNotFound The linked model could not be found.
LinkNotOpenable An error occurred trying to read the linked model. It could happen if a wrong link type is trying to be loaded.
LinkOpenAsHost The linked model is already opened directly in Revit.
SameModelAsHost The linked model has the same path as the currently active document.
SameCentralModelAsHost Either the linked model and its host document are both locals of the same central model, or one is a local and the other is its central.
LinkNotLoadedOtherError An unknown error occurred.
LinkMayBeUpgraded Point cloud link loaded correctly but is obsolete and may be upgraded.
ExternalServerMissing The external add-in required to load this link model could not be found.
LinkExists Revit already has a link with the input location, so no new link can be created.
CouldNotChangeViewReference The link previously had an invalid view reference and either no new view was provided or the input view was not usable for linking CAD files.
UsedExisting Revit already has a link with the input location, so the same link is been reused.


For all values except LinkLoadResultType.LinkLoaded, the linked model is not loaded and no new link is created (if Revit was trying to create a link).

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