SaveModifiedLinksOptions Enumeration

Class giving options when saving linked files which have been modified in-memory by shared coordinates operations.

Namespace: Autodesk.Revit.DB
Assembly: RevitAPI (in RevitAPI.dll) Version: 2015.0.0.0 (2015.0.0.0)
Since: 2014
Since: 2014


public enum SaveModifiedLinksOptions
Visual Basic
Public Enumeration SaveModifiedLinksOptions
Visual C++
public enum class SaveModifiedLinksOptions


Member name Description
SaveLinks Any modified linked files will be saved.
DoNotSaveLinks Any modified linked files will not be saved. The links will return to their previous position the next time the file is loaded.
DisableSharedPositioning Any modified linked files will not be saved. Additionally, stop using shared positioning with any modified files.

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