ExternalResourceServerExtensions Class

An object that contains overrides for external resource-specific methods.

Namespace: Autodesk.Revit.DB
Assembly: RevitAPI (in RevitAPI.dll) Version: (
Since: 2015


public class ExternalResourceServerExtensions : IDisposable
Visual Basic
Public Class ExternalResourceServerExtensions _
	Implements IDisposable
Visual C++
public ref class ExternalResourceServerExtensions : IDisposable


This class permits assignment of some specific operations related to a type of external resource, such as what to do when "Open (and Unload)" happens, or when "Shared Coordinates update" happens for Revit or CAD links.

There is no feedback to the UI server for ExternalResourceServerExtensions. Revit will use standard, common message dialogs to handle any error conditions.

Inheritance Hierarchy

System Object
Autodesk.Revit.DB ExternalResourceServerExtensions

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