RebarCouplerError Enumeration

Error states for the Rebar Coupler

Namespace: Autodesk.Revit.DB.Structure
Assembly: RevitAPI (in RevitAPI.dll) Version: (


public enum RebarCouplerError
Visual Basic
Public Enumeration RebarCouplerError
Visual C++
public enum class RebarCouplerError


Member name Description
ValidationSuccessfuly Bars can be coupled
IncorrectInputData Cannot place rebar coupler.
DifferentLayout The rebar sets have different numbers of bars.
BarsNotTouching The selected ends of the bars are too far apart.
IncorrectEndTreatmentHook The coupler cannot be placed at an end that already has a hook.
IncorrectEndTreatmentCoupler The coupler cannot be placed at an end that already has a coupler.
BarSegementsAreNotParallel The selected legs are not aligned.
BarSegmentsAreNotOnSameLine The selected legs are not aligned.
InconsistentShape One of the selected bars has an incorrect shape.
InvalidDiameter The selected coupler type cannot be applied to the selected bar size(s).
CurvesOtherThanLine Cannot place rebar couplers on circular legs.
BarSegmentSmallerThanEngagement The selected leg is shorter than the bar engagement.
VaryingDistanceBetweenDistributionsBars All the bars from the selected sets, which need to be connected, must be separated by the same distance.

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