Parameter Properties

The Parameter type exposes the following members.


Name Description
Public property Definition
Returns the Definition object that describes the data type, name and other details of the parameter.
Public property DisplayUnitType
Get the display unit type of the parameter object.
Public property Element
The element to which this parameter belongs.
Public property GUID
The Guid for a shared parameter.
Public property HasValue
Identifies if the parameter has an assigned value.
Public property Id
The id of the parameter.
Public property IsReadOnly
Get the readonly property of the parameter.
(Overrides APIObject IsReadOnly .)
Public property IsShared
Identifies if the parameter is a shared parameter.
Public property StorageType
Describes the type that is used internally within the parameter to store its value.
Public property UserModifiable
Indicates whether the interactive user can modify the value of this parameter.

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