Autodesk.Revit.DB.Macros Namespace


Class Description
Public class AddInIdAttribute
The custom AddInId attribute for Macros macros use only.
Public class ApplicationEntryPoint
For Revit Macros use only.
Public class DocumentEntryPoint
For Revit Macros use only.
Public class Macro
An individual Autodesk Revit Macro which can be executed.
Public class MacroManager
Manager object for the Macro modules of the application.
Public class MacroManagerIterator
An iterator to a MacroManager.
Public class MacroModule
A container for individual macros. As it relates to the macros editor, one MacroModule represents a project that can be loaded and edited from within the editor.
Public class MacroModuleIterator
An iterator to the Macros in a MacroModule.
Public class ModuleSettings
The module settings.
Public class VendorIdAttribute
The custom VendorId attribute for Macros macros use only.


Interface Description
Public interface IEntryPoint
The interface supporting Document and Application level entry point classes for macros.


Enumeration Description
Public enumeration ApplicationMacroOptions
The application macro options.
Public enumeration DocumentMacroOptions
The document macro options.
Public enumeration MacroEnvironment
The Macro environments.
Public enumeration MacroLanguageType
The Macro language types.
Public enumeration MacroLevel
The Macro levels.
Public enumeration ModuleStatus
The Macro module status.