Autodesk.Revit.DB.ExternalService Namespace


Class Description
Public class ExternalService
This base class represents an external service inside Revit application.
Public class ExternalServiceId
Unique identifier of an external service.
Public class ExternalServiceOptions
Various options affecting the behavior of an External Service
Public class ExternalServiceRegistry
This class gives access to external services. Use it to register external services with Revit and execute them. Only the application that registers a service is allowed to execute it.
Public class ExternalServices
Provides a container of all Revit built-in ExternalServiceId instances.
Public class ExternalServices BuiltInExternalServices
A collection of ids for external services that are managed and used by Revit directly.
Public class MultiServerService
This class represents a multi-server service inside Revit application. It is created when an instance of IMultiServerService is registered with Revit.
Public class SingleServerService
This class represents a single-server service inside Revit application. It is created when an instance of ISingleServerService is registered with Revit.


Interface Description
Public interface IExternalData
The base interface for data classes used when executing servers of external services.
Public interface IExternalServer
The base interface for all external servers.
Public interface IExternalService
The base interface class for all external services.
Public interface IMultiServerService
The base interface class for all multi-server services.
Public interface ISingleServerService
The base interface class for all single-server services.


Enumeration Description
Public enumeration DisparityResponse
An enumerated value to return from OnServerDiparity indicating what the service wants Revit to do as the post-action of the call.
Public enumeration ExecutionPolicy
Controls how servers of multi-server external services are executed.
Public enumeration ExternalServiceResult
An enumerated value representing a result from executing an external service.
Public enumeration ServerChangeCause
Indicates the cause for the active server to be changed