BRepBuilderGeometryId Class

This class is used by the BRepBuilder class to identify objects it creates (faces, edges, etc.).

Namespace: Autodesk.Revit.DB
Assembly: RevitAPI (in RevitAPI.dll) Version: (17.0.484.0)
Since: 2016


public class BRepBuilderGeometryId : IDisposable
Visual Basic
Public Class BRepBuilderGeometryId _
	Implements IDisposable
Visual C++
public ref class BRepBuilderGeometryId : IDisposable


The user should use these ids to organize the calls to BRepBuilder methods (e.g., addLoop() takes a face id as input, referring to a face that was previously added by a call to AddFace()). The ids are only valid while the BRepBuilder is in use.

Inheritance Hierarchy

System Object
Autodesk.Revit.DB BRepBuilderGeometryId

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