WorksharedOperationProgressChangedEventArgs Class

The event arguments used by the WorksharedOperationProgressChanged event, this event will be raised when executing following workshared operations.

Namespace: Autodesk.Revit.DB.Events
Assembly: RevitAPI (in RevitAPI.dll) Version: (
Since: 2017 Subscription Update


public class WorksharedOperationProgressChangedEventArgs : RevitAPISingleEventArgs
Visual Basic
Public Class WorksharedOperationProgressChangedEventArgs _
	Inherits RevitAPISingleEventArgs
Visual C++
public ref class WorksharedOperationProgressChangedEventArgs : public RevitAPISingleEventArgs



For synchronizing with central operation, there are 4 steps. 1) Save to local (before save to central) - Serializes the streams from memory to local disk cache; [!:Autodesk::Revit::DB::Events::DocumentSaveToLocalProgressChangedEventArgs] 2) Reload latest - Downloads the streams from central model on server and merge them into local memory; [!:Autodesk::Revit::DB::Events::DocumentReloadLatestProgressChangedEventArgs] 3) Save to central - Uploads merged streams from local memory to server central model; [!:Autodesk::Revit::DB::Events::DocumentSaveToCentralProgressChangedEventArgs] 4) Save to local (after save to central) - Serializes the merged streams from memory to local disk cache; [!:Autodesk::Revit::DB::Events::DocumentSaveToLocalProgressChangedEventArgs]

For document open operation, just download the model from server and then open it; [!:Autodesk::Revit::DB::Events::CreateRelatedFileProgressChangedEventArgs]

It is NOT recommended to deal with time-consuming work when handling WorksharedOperationProgressChanged event, otherwise it would increase synchronizing with central or model open time.

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