RibbonItemType Enumeration

An enumerated type listing all the toolbar item styles.

Namespace: Autodesk.Revit.UI
Assembly: RevitAPIUI (in RevitAPIUI.dll) Version: (


public enum RibbonItemType
Visual Basic
Public Enumeration RibbonItemType
Visual C++
public enum class RibbonItemType


Member name Description
PushButton A standard button with text and image.
PulldownButton A button with a pull-down menu list.
SplitButton A split button with a default button and a pull-down menu list.
ToggleButton A standard button that can be added to RadioButtonGroup.
RadioButtonGroup An item that contains a collection of RibbonToggleButton items.
ComboBoxMember An item in the drop-down list of a ComboBox.
ComboBox A selection control with a drop-down list that can be shown or hidden by clicking the arrow on the control.
TextBox A text-based control that allows the user to enter text.

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